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22 November 2017

In open letter, Prudential appeals to corporate leaders on financial wellness

An Open Letter On Financial Wellness

Nearly six in every 10 American workers are stressed about their current financial situation[1]—and Prudential is calling on all U.S. employers to do something about that stress.
In a pre-Thanksgiving “Open Letter to Employers in America,” that debuted November 21 in print editions of major publications across the country, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, Prudential is advocating on behalf of tens of millions of American workers who lack 401(k) plans and other workplace benefit protections.
“The prosperity we celebrate each Thanksgiving cannot be taken for granted; it is the legacy of generations who came before us, pursuing the promise that hard work can create a better life,” the letter reads. “But how do we keep that promise within reach, when innovation and structural shifts are transforming work faster than the nation’s policies and safety nets can keep pace?”
The letter was crafted as part of Prudential’s holistic approach to Financial Wellness, including its $5 million commitment to partnership with the Aspen Institute, a non-partisan forum for values-based policy leadership. The partnership was created to boost financial security for all American workers, and the letter outlines the company’s belief in the need to build new paths to prosperity for them.
“Our relationship with Aspen is part of our efforts to help broaden the national conversation about reconnecting work and wealth,” says Lata Reddy, senior vice president, Diversity, Inclusion & Impact. “Aspen is a convener of thinkers representing a cross-section of American society. Together, we’re bringing the issue to the forefront to develop solutions to the financial challenges faced by American workers.”
To keep the conversation about the importance of workplace benefits top of mind this holiday season, Prudential will publish an updated version of the letter in print editions of major publications on December 6.
Read our open letter to U.S. employers here. Want to talk to someone at Prudential about its financial wellness initiatives? Contact Discretion Winter.
[1] Prudential, 2017 Financial Wellness Study.
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